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Updated on
13 November 2019.

The Eastlink Great Australian Rally

20 January 2019

Rallying For A Cure

We are dissapointed to announce that there will not be a Great Australian Rally in 2020. We look forward to organising another rally at a future date.

The 2019 Great Australian Rally was held at Cruden Farm, Langwarrin on 20 January 2019. Gordon Lindner has posted a number of photos on his web site and given permission to link to them. Also photos from the Mornington Peninsula Magazine Thank you to all who participated and those who attended to provide funds to Peter Mac.

EastLink Great Australian Rally 2019 breaks records

$58,000 raised for Peter Mac Cancer Foundation
Around 1,000 veteran, vintage and classic vehicles


EastLink is the major sponsor of the EastLink Great Australian Rally.

The EastLink Great Australian Rally was held on Sunday 20 January 2019.

Around 1,000 veteran, vintage and classic vehicles attended the event at Cruden Farm, which is a record for the Great Australian Rally, and double the number that was expected to attend this year.

In addition to the 2,000 drivers and passengers of vehicles, approximately 2,000 members of the public also attended Cruden Farm to see the spectacle, and enjoy jazz played by the Royal Australian Navy Band Melbourne.

The EastLink Great Australian Rally raised $58,000 for Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, which is a record for public fundraising at the Great Australian Rally. The $58,000 fundraising cheque was presented to Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation on 21 February.

The EastLink Great Australian Rally truly is Australia's premier showcase of veteran, vintage and classic vehicles.

Thank you to everyone who rallied for a cure at the EastLink Great Australian Rally.

Doug Spencer-Roy

Corporate Affairs & Marketing Manager, EastLink

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Observations and Report on the Rally

What do food vans, a Broadcast Van, the Navy Band, ducks, two lifesavers, drinking fountains, and a drone have in common? Cruden Farm. What a magnificent area for the All British Classics Car Club, proudly sponsored by EastLink to present to the people of Victoria a display of cars 25 years and older. The number of almost 1000 vehicles surpassed previous Great Australian Rallies. The entourage commenced from various parts such as EastLink Ringwood, Melbourne, Rowville and Hastings Marina. It gave many the opportunity to meet and greet and enjoy free sausage sizzles before travelling to Cruden Farm in Langwarrin. Also, what a sight it was as the cars snaked their way along the road into the various areas designated for their mark.

Clubs selected vehicles for display and specific ones for judging. It was quite a trek to walk the fields but what a glorious sight. So many different makes, colours, sizes and shapes. A veritable feast for the eyes. Many ideas were springing to the mind of what next for the garage! The event took some time to organise the intricacies of such an enormous project, but the ABCCC organizing committee did a fantastic job in bringing together this presentation of cars. The glorious gardens of Cruden Farm as a backdrop for this event were a delight as was the nearby lake. Another smaller pond near the entrance was graced with ducks and a life saver. Although many brought their own picnic baskets and tables, the food vans worked a treat keeping everyone satisfied, and the music from the Broadcast Van and the Royal Australian Navy Jazz Band was just what we needed with easy music to enjoy. A great idea was the drinking 'troughs' throughout for people to use and refill their bottles. It was a hot day. A drone flew overhead, and the videos and photos from that would be a real treat.

Rex Hall, head of the organizing committee sought out the new venue and naming right sponsor, wandered Cruden Farm to make sure everything was going to plan needs a well-earned rest. A tremendous job, Rex, you did it well. Thank you and your members of the EastLink Great Australian Rally organizing committee and the volunteers in bringing this event together. It's the work of a team that makes such an event successful.

Thank you, EastLink for joining forces with the All British Classics Car Club. It is crucial to have strong support and to work collectively to the fruition of such a journey. Other supporters were: Peter Mac Cancer Foundation (the primary recipient of monies raised), Coles, Frankly Frankston Magazine, Liqui Moly, Meguiar's, the Navy Band, CFA Hastings and Western Port Marina.

A special mention to Cruden Farm with its magnificent Murdoch house surrounded by a well set out garden with a lake and views across to take the imagination to another time and place.

by Anne Kruger

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Congratulations to all those winners of the various categories. The awards are listed below:

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Organized by the All British Classics Car Club
Major sponsor is the EastLink


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