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Updated on
15 January 2017.

Great Australian Rally 2010

A huge amount of work was put into this important event. This year we had a new City start at the College For The Deaf in St Kilda Road. It is understood that all starts worked well and most entrants had a smooth run to Mornington. Except one or two, it seems. It was also reported at Mornington, that our instructions had really driven one entrant ‘up the pole’! Should that entrant come forward, we can provide him with a job next year.

We had a fine display of good quality motor vehicles on display at Mornington. A crowd learning all about, not only, the location of the Bugatti’s magneto, but also what a magneto actually does! Don Kinsey made the day really worthwhile for the crowds, especially with his wonderful descriptions of George Hetrel’s fascinating Bugatti. This roving microphone commentary was most interesting each time the Bugatti’s engine was being started up to entertain the totally absorbed crowd. Don also informed those present about a delightful monoposto Alfa Romeo that was also on display for enthusiasts to fully appreciate. Thanks Don, for all of that hard work, it has certainly become a feature of the day.

There were, unfortunately, several windy showers that dispersed a few people homewards, but the hardier souls enjoyed the superb car and motorcycle display - particularly the Austin 7s and classic motorcycles under the grandstand. This was a good demonstration of how Austin 7s were modified for motor sports over the years. The motorcycles were well worth a close nostalgic look-over. There was a very nice Velocette that brought back many memories. Why did we ever sell them on? There was also a memories stirring Royal Enfield, but those memories were of dry-cleaning bills for a girl friend’s smart white coat soiled by leaked engine oil!

I am forgetting the purpose of our Rally, to raise much needed funds for Peter Mac. We are not yet sure how much was raised - we shall see, once all the expenses have been accounted for. It was probably the weather forecast that kept the all-important spectators away. A significant number of dollars were raised by John Wood autographing pictures of his MG TF and himself. This was quite a busy counter for a while and little queues formed, waiting for that treasured message and signature.

Our very special thanks to all of those who put in such a magnificent effort - before and during the event.

However, Ross and Pat Wolstenholme, Ray and Lynn Higginson, Nick and Lynn Smith, Pat and Craig Douglas, Tony and Maxine Pettigrew, Colin Brown, Frank and Val Sawyer, Rob and Mary Nolan, Len Butcher, Tony Hodges, Peter McKiernan, George Hetrel and Don Kinsey deserve special mention for the work they put in. Last, but not at all least, a very grateful thanks to the team of marshals. Without you all, the day just would not have happened.

Best Veteran (To 1918) Stanley Bone 1910 Fabrique Nationale
Best Vintage (1919 to 1932) Thys Stryker 1930 Singer Three Door Junior Tourer
Best Early Classic (1933 to 1950) Bill Coombs 1937 SS Jaguar Saloon
Best Classic (1951 to 1965) Brian Pepper 1965 Holden X2 Premier
Best Late Classic (1966 to 1985) John Johnson 1967 Volvo 1800-S
Best Military or Commercial Vehicle Nelson Brothers 1926 Buick Hearse
Best Motorcycle John Mepstead 1939 BSA G14 1,000 cc
Best Muscle Car Royden Williams 1967 Pontiac GTO
The Dr Max Lay Trophy Gary Pearce 1966 Alfa Romeo GTC

Our congratulations to all of the award recipients, the cars and motorcycles were impressive.

Mike Allfrey - From the Hastings Aspect

Organized by the All British Classics Car Club
Sponsored by the RACV